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About Ferromatik

At Ferromatik, we thrive on solving problems and equipping our customers with new competitive advantages and superior products. We have established our business through a culture of innovation. Our global development footprint is one of the largest in the industry. Our employees run the full gamut of plastics processing technology and experience. Their expertise covers injection, co-injection, extrusion, low-pressure injection moulding, process control, and life-cycle management. We have built a team that can deliver the entire spectrum of services that the plastics industry can offer.





eQ-SERIES gives you the flexibility to handle more applications. eQ-SERIES’s movements are entirely controlled by servo drives. This not only results in maximized acceleration, but it ensures ultimate accuracy and exceptional reliability across all processes as well as highly precise motion, position and pressure control.

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    Large tie bar spacing and highly sensitive mold safety

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    Moving platen on L M guideway

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    Simplified programming of freely configurable cores

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    Very low maintenance costs – proven design and product optimization results in maximum machine uptime, fewer components and less wear


Q-Series has been designed to fit the high expectations of toggle performance while providing an extraordinary value. Leveraging the use of servo motors in combination with hydraulic components, the Q-Series provides exceptional repeatability while offering up energy savings.

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    Energy efficient hybrid machine

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    Exceptional toggle kinematics

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    Innovative platen design

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    Precise platen parallelism



The C-Series expands on Milacron’s leading big machine technology and provides the highest performance, power and reliability in a compact footprint.

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    Energy efficient hybrid powered by the industry-leading FANUC servo motor

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    Higher performance featuring application driven machine configuration

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    Enhanced application capability

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    Designed for quicker mold changes with improved mold and ejector access

Aftermarket Solution BG Frame

Aftermarket Solutions

Milacron’s aftermarket solutions brings you the industry’s most extensive line-up of services and tools to help you get the most from your plastics processing machinery. Period.

From price matched parts, machinery service and consultation, to reuilding/repurposing of older plastics machinery; Milacron provides you with the widest range of tools and resources required to improve your processes, and your bottom line.

Innovative Processes
& Solutions


The MonoSandWich (MSW) Technology developed by Milacron, is a simpler version of Multi-Component technology. It is designed to significantly reduce the manufacturing costs as compared to conventional sandwich moulding technologies.

Bolt-On Injection Unit

The bolt-on injection unit is suitable for almost all applications. The injection and plasticizing movements of the self-contained injection unit are controlled by servo drives. This not only results in maximum acceleration, but also ensures maximum accuracy and exceptional reliability of the injection processes, as well as high-precision speed, position, and pressure control.


The iMFLUX closed loop process provides absolute shot-to-shot repeatability through two techniques: process and control. The low constant pressure process removes many inherent issues provoked by conventional moulding processes. iMFLUX control process behaves in real-time to changes appearing in the mold and material.

Screw and Barrel Adaptors

We offer adaptations for screws and barrels with smaller diameters to make your machine even more flexible for a wide range of applications. This gives you the ability to expand the number of different screw diameters without major investment and long machine downtime.

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